Mission: There’s obviously no shortage of soccer coverage these days and certainly the amount of Americans writing and reporting about the sport (and doing so in a quality manner) is growing rapidly.

However, the writing and reporting by US English language journalists can be stiff, overly MLS and Premier League-centric, and maybe it’s just me, but it always seems to have some sort of agenda.

At Soccer Never Sleeps, I hope to blog candidly regarding many of the aspects of the game, especially those which may not always get the most coverage. I also hope to write more freely in a style than can be afforded by those writing for proper sites.

This site is meant to be fun, creative, and different. I hope you all enjoy.

JerseyJon’s Teams:

Red Bull New York: I may be a rarity in that I may be the only person in franchise history who became an RBNY fan solely because Rafa Marquez signed with the club.

Just as I was making a conscience decision to invest my time into watching more soccer, I thought I’d give MLS a chance too, even though I was initially skeptical of the league. While I always had a glancing eye on the team, it was the signing of Rafa and the proximity of Red Bull Arena that finally forced me to give the team and the league a full trial run.

And while I have a love/hate relationship with the Red Bulls and MLS, I must confess I’m currently in my second season as an RBNY season ticket holder.

CD Guadalajara: As the son of Guadalajaran mother, I really had no choice in the matter, I had to be a Chivas fan. Especially since all my cousins in Guadalajara call Chivas the “team for those outside Guadalajara”. Well, I’m outside Guadalajara. And I sure as heck will never root for Atlas.

I’ve been to Estadio OmniLife already and hope to someday soon head to Estadio Jalisco for the Clasico Tapatio soon.

I also know that we will surpass Club America for most titles again soon!

Arsenal FC: The first club football match I can remember sitting down to watch from beginning to end was Arsenal’s Champions League Final against Barcelona. I don’t remember why or how I found the game, but I found the atmosphere to be like nothing I’d ever seen or heard before. From then on I made watching Champions League matches a must for me. Before I even understood the depth and nuance of the individual European Leagues I knew Milan, Barca, Real, Inter, Arsenal, Man U, Juventus, Chelsea, PSG, Bayern and all the rest.

But eventually, I began watching EPL games as they slowly began cropping up more and more on Saturday and Sunday mornings on TV.  And after getting several friends into football, they began asking me “Who’s your club?” I don’t have one I told them. I didn’t need another team to fret over, I mean I already had my Buffalo Bills. Instead I just enjoyed the games. But this did not sit well with my friends. I tried picking a team. Manchester had my beloved Chicharito, but I couldn’t stand Alex Ferguson. I visited Anfield in 2010 and must admit, I did find it a magical ground but they were owned by the evil Fenway Sports Group (I’m a huge Yankees fan), so they were out.

Eventually after three seasons of watching EPL, it all came back to that team I accidentally discovered in 2006. Arsene Wenger’s style and the foreign cornucopia of players on the Gunners squad finally won me over. By 2013 when NBC began showing games weekly I kept finding myself drawn to Arsenal matches. It’s been a choice I haven’t regretted. It feels right for me, even if I haven’t seen them sniff an EPL title.

Seleccion Nacional de Mexico: During the 2010 World Cup and 2011 Gold Cup, Mexico’s much hyped “Golden Generation” was coming of age. Despite the chronic underachieving and off-field drama, El Tri and Mexican football are the main reasons I transitioned to being a typical NFL/NBA/MLB sports nut to now being almost completely focused on the world-wide craziness that is the beautiful game. And no game was more responsible for allowing me to fall in love with soccer than the 2011 Gold Cup final. More than Chivas and more than Arsenal it is El Tri that causes me to lose the most sleep.

I do believe I’ll see Mexico win the World Cup some day.

United States Men’s Senior National Team: As long as they’re not playing El Tri I’m always rooting for the USMNT. And I reserve the right to critique the squad when their player selection and tactics bore me to tears.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the USMNT. But I’m not going to pretend I love watching 4-4-2 empty bucket soccer. But there are players I love. Jozy, Yedlin, Sacha, Benny, Pulisic, and Nagbe, like everyone else excite me. Now let’s let them play some soccer, huh?

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